Level 3 Certification in Reddit Mastery Training


Reddit - Subreddit - Karma - Upvote - Downvote - Sharing - Posts 

If you have used reddit, you must have come across all of these words. But, Are those the entirety of Reddit?

Of-course not  This USA's favourite platform needs something bit more special than usual practice and learning process. Not just the Industry integrated OJT program that we have in all of our courses, But dynamic marketing thought process is one important habit required to succeed in Reddit marketing.

Because Reddit is not another ordinary social media for marketing, its a news channel literally and marketers there are very dynamic in approaching people like always maintaining the subtleness. If the Reddit algorithm finds suspiciousness then you have to permanently leave your account inaccessible.

In such a platform which has nothing called fixed marketing strategy, knowledge and  practice are just not the keys, you need a whole new attribute and attitude to face such marketing situations.

And we call it as..

                        “Personalised marketing approach”. Here we Impart the ability of a candidate to analyse the redditors, sub-redditors, News, trends, active and inactive subreddits and then approach according with the proficiency standard and right fashioned content.


What do we do to you?

  • Train you with the reddit marketing attributes at first with our personalized marketing approach.
  • Impart you the skills to bag the leads with a clear understanding on subreddit community and sub-redditors 
  • Engage you with real time clients to measure how potential you are.
  • Give you regular assignments, tests and quizzes
  • On the whole will impart the quality to create new community, manage existing community and reactive inactive community for impactful credibilities.

What do you learn?

After course, what you can do and get?

  • Can create and handle your own community and also revert redditors of other communities, basically subreddits.
  • Can Market for others.
  • Freelance and support project whose clients are mainly from reddit.
  • Experience based on the course duration
  • Completion certificate
  • Portfolio of evidence ( history of work and experience with credibilities)
  • Earned money based on your work performances
  • Career guidance and mentorship for elevated profile and better job opportunities
  • Corporate exposure and culture because of real time project engagement