Level 3 Certification in Pinterest Mastery Training


“Mompreneurs” and “Fempreneurs” have become a fashion today because of the fact that entrepreneurship is not limited to any demographics of people.

Some niche that plunders in leads like anything else and some such domains are fashion and cookery. These Naturally pull people's attention to whatever the formats they are represented. Likewise it never let men too away from utilizing the business vibes of it.

Images are the cheapest, easiest and most intelligent way of attracting anyone in this world!!!

Such a kind of content is powerful in driving the people crazy and it's a agreeable fact though and Even blogs and videos heavily rely on the quality and creativity of the Cover Image/Thumbnail to pull in the audience or else their worthy text content may be undervalued impactfully or sometimes miserably lost.

So what is required??

Undoubtedly the creativity and designing capability is the adam's apple of Pinterest

                    “Which cannot be learnt through videos”,  It needs to be cultured and practised with marketing flavoured designing attributes.

That's what we do with all of our courses.

Check out how you are gonna be waded throughout this course to suit you with qualities

  • We strongly train you with the attributes of creativity at the beginning of the course because this platform needs creativity on another level.
  • We train you with some of the best paid and free designing tools to propel your intensity and involvement in designing images and some characteristics of photography.
  • Then we impart you the knowledge about the functionality and responses of the platform based on the algorithm where this will happen along the progress with the course
  • Collaboration with real time Pinterest marketers to immediately ignite your interest and quality
  • Assignments, test, quizzes and much more goes hand in hand along with daily practical sessions
  • Especially mompreneurs like married women will be give with time preferences than regular schedules

What do you learn?

After course, What do you do and get?

  • Become an influencer.
  • Promote your and other’s business naturally with your exclusive creativity.
  • Industry exposure with real time experience than theoretical bluffs.
  • Can create your own digital community
  • Experience based on the course duration
  • Completion certificate
  • Portfolio of evidence ( history of work and experience with credibilities)
  • Earned money based on your work performances
  • Career guidance and mentorship for elevated profile and better job opportunities
  • Corporate exposure and culture because of real time project engagement