Level 3 Certification in Mobile Web Marketing Mastery


Marketing finds no excuses to bound in and out the places where the crowd falls in.

And that’s why mobile web marketing found its pivotal place for all the soles planning to market digitally

An undeniable fact!!

The growth of internet users clocking 150% every year and the Smartphone users are growing even faster than the Internet users. And if you still lie with the desktops and laptops for marketing then simply said that your marketing efforts are into undefined journey.

Some of the top reasons that you cannot leave the mobile marketing as simple as you think

  • Almost 85% of the time of everyone in this world is been carried away by smartphones
  • Everything is booked, paid, learnt, analysed and connected through mobile now a days. It has become the Portfolio of Identity for anyone.
  • The browsing on the web for learning is especially done through Tablets counts down 70 %
  • Higher conversion rates are happening through tablets and Mobiles than laptops. Recently the rate upstroked very fast because of user friendliness.
  • Mobiles and tablet usage soon will take over shares of desktop and laptops in conversion, searches etc.

What do we do to you here?

  • Corporate behavioural swap is the first step through our competency standards
  • Make you analyse the business niche and general happening through competitors analysis and swot analysis on the mobile web marketing
  • Impart you the ability in a sequence of training to generate the leads.
  • Will be Earning and learning simultaneously.
  • Routine sessions, assignments, quizzes, tests and playcards.
  • Implication of industry oriented knowledge and practicalities into the project.
  • Build a Portfolio of evidence for a strong profile.
  • Impart the special capability here called personalization for every customer's mindset.
  • Finally mold you to work on strategies than with just simple predefined marketing skills

What do you learn?

After course, what you can get and do?

  • Can start your Marketing agency
  • Freelance and serve business with International marketing standards
  • Generate leads from anywhere in this world.
  • You can be hired in any digital marketing company because your portfolio of evidence showcases your Reality.
  • Experience based on the course duration
  • Course Completion certificate
  • Portfolio of evidence ( history of work and experience with credibilities)
  • Earned money based on your work performances
  • Career guidance and mentorship for elevated profile and better job opportunities