Level 3 Certification in Effective Digital Marketing with Smart Insight- Launch your Website


Course Description: 


Web technology is changing rapidly. This has made sales-driving digital marketing campaigns more challenging and created the need for business owners and marketers to constantly adapt and evolve to the ever-changing trends. 


Similarly, the last year 2019 brought us into the age of Smart Voice Search, Google’s Answer Engine, and an introduction to the importance of the customer experience. In 2020, we take a hard look at how to do business analysis, market research and make some changes to match business objectives.


This training session will provide a structured breakdown with a more practical approach and giving you more detailed applications. By the end, you should have an idea of where the digital business is headed and how digital marketers should adapt to it. 


This program covers the following chapters:


Chapter 1: How to do a business analysis? 

Chapter 2: How to do market research? 

Chapter 3: How to do a competitor analysis? 

Chapter 4: Planning for website creation