Social Media Management


Our Social Media marketing endeavours include engagement campaigns, impactful insights, scintillating content and creatives, relentless tracking, online reputation management and brand monitoring.

Why ADMI ?

  • Brand Monitoring
  • Social Media Management
  • Setup & Custom Profile Design
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Regular Posting
  • Positive User Engagement
  • Your Reputation is Our Reputation
  • Timely Response
  • We are creative!


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How we do the social media marketing?

Create social media presence; reach out to audience and generating leads
Engagement is the key for any successful social media campaign, organically we publish your posts in various communities & group of relevant interest. We also create community on behalf of you to take an extra advantage of prioritising your content over the others.
Contests & Sweepstakes
Contests & sweepstakes are the kind of activities which can fetch huge social media following in a very short span of time, if done rightly.
Looking to host an event? Need quick sign-up's, we can reach your targeted audience in a quick time with cost effectiveness. Promote your content on social media with our social media advertising services.
Research & Strategy
Social Marketing requires extensive research and analysis. This includes brand analysis, competitors in market, present trend, demographics & most importantly behaviour.
Profiles Setup
On the basis of the strategy, we design cover images and fine tune the logo to match the theme. We make sure the setup is appropriate not just channel wise but also device wise.
Daily Updates
As per the strategy, we custom design the creatives, infographics, videos and creative content to delight your targeted audience. We make sure your consumers appreciate your social media engagement.
Influencers Marketing
Identifying the influencers in your industry, approaching them to publish about you is something which can give you success over a night. We all do this dedicatedly for you. We also write content on third party websites to promote your social media fan page.
Social App Development
Social Media App can make your operations easy, you can engage with your consumers in a more channelised manner. Moreover these also helps in increases.
Social Media Bookmarking
The content marketing effort doesn't pay unless it reaches to the masses, we do this in our social bookmarking process. We bookmark the content on various social media websites to generate a viral social media campaign.

Aspects of Social Media Management


Social Media Marketing

We help you tell the right stories to the right audience to build long-lasting relationships.


Campaign Strategy

We make sure that your message goes on the right platform and ensure that your consumers stay connected to your brand.


Brand Monitoring

We use analytics to extract real time data that rates the performance of your communication online.


Online Reputation Management

We manage customer-brand interaction to ensure that you have a reliable reputation online.

Social Media Promotion

The right content to the right person strengthens consumer interaction and helps build trust, reliability and fan following.
We profile customers and deliver ads in the most cost efficient manner by adding multiple layers of targeting and segmenting audiences to better understand their online behaviour. Our ultimate aim is to get you a bang for every buck you spend on marketing.

What Client Says about us

Great company to work with. They has an in depth knowledge of the workings of Google and over time has helped our company to identify the best locations and demographics to place our adds.
“ADMI Provides best digital marketing services for websites. They provide complete digital marketing package to our website like SEO services, PPC Services, Social Media Services. We are very much satisfied with their services.”
“ADMI is providing website design, maintenance, and digital marketing services. Response provided by ADMI team is amazing. Many of my friends also utilized the services by ADMI.